The Fast Tracks Review (2021): Is it Worth it?

Can you really make $2500 a day with the Merlin Holmes method?

1K A Day Fast Track Review — Is Merlin Holmes a Scam?

Merlin Holmes is the author and the creator of this work from home program. Merlin is an affiliate marketer who promises that affiliate marketers can make $2500 a day through affiliate marketing. He claims that personally, he made 150 million dollars through the affiliate marketing method he teaches in his program.

Merlin also claims that he had already tried to make money through other methods and failed. He was once a network marketer, an MLM member, and a salesperson from which he didn’t make a significant amount of money.

However, it’s important to note that there are fewer proofs and evidence to these claims. There’s no evidence as to whether the author makes the money he claims even if the methods he teaches are solid. The only evidence this author shares are screenshots that he shares on his affiliate networks such as ClickBank. However, this doesn’t mean the author is a scammer. He’s a known affiliate marketer and he equally offers live support.

Even if the author makes the money he claims to make, it’s clear that this is not all profit. The methods he shares on his program are reliant on the paid tools and paid advertisement which means you need to invest a lot of money before you get the profits.  This method takes work, but Merlin lays it out in a comprehensive step-by-step system. 

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What is 1k A Day Fast Track?

This is an instructional training course that has gained publicity because of its simplicity and effectiveness in teaching people to make money through affiliate marketing. The method of teaching involves traditional affiliate marketing where you promote products and get a commission from each sale and each recuring sale.

Your professor, Merlin Holmes, promises that even beginners can benefit from his method. They can even earn more than $1,000 every day using the clearly laid out methods.

How does the 1K a Day Fast Track work?

According to the author, the program relies on affiliate marketing to earn the money. Firstly, affiliate marketing is a legit method of earning money. The method allows people to make money by promoting other people’s products through unique links known as affiliate links. When consumers click on your affiliate links to buy the product, the marketer will earn an affiliate commission through the links.

The author claims that this is his favorite method of earning money. He continues to explain that there are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing.  You can build your own website and create content to promote the specific products by on-site advertisement or sharing your affiliate links, to give one example.

Most affiliate marketers use YouTube marketing or social media marketing to advertise their affiliate products. Merlin Holmes uses a specific method in his program that is explained below.

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