Katherine T. Hoppe

As an entrepreneur and personal development coach with over 20 years of experience, Katherine T. Hoppe is acknowledged as an expert in the fields of personal growth developing intuition for success in business and life. She has made it her mission to inspire and guide others on how to create and live their best life. 









Katherine T. Hoppe

By teaching the secret ancient principles of the Law of Attraction (LOA), The Great Money Manifestation Manual provides you with practical steps on how to manifest the amount of financial abundance you choose in your life.  This book demystifies the concepts of manifesting and attracting and helps you understand practical personal development work, which is a requirement to attract success.

Whether you want to attract financial freedom, excellent health, loving relationships, a successful business, or a happy family, the power of the Law of Attraction is in your hands. In this book, you now have the secret LOA money manual techniques to fire up that ability. All the power to manifest is within you.

This book will guide you to the conscious creative control to attract money and financial abundance into your life.

Are you hurting from financial strain?  Do you feel like you never have enough money?  Have you always wanted to master the Law of Attraction to attract more money into your life, but you weren’t sure how to go about it?

Not having enough money puts you in the perfect position to create more of that which you do not have. This book is written to deliberately align you with the Law of Attraction, the most powerful law in the universe so that you quickly make it work for you.  If you are willing to work, this book will work for you.

In this money manifestation manual, you will come to understand that all it takes is just one thing: to change your relationship with money and to make money love you so that you are financially free to live the life of your dreams.  

The Great Money Manifestation Manual Teaches you the 5 Steps to Money Manifestation Success:

Part I – How to use Pivoting and Primer Positive Aspects

Part II – How to attract Money and Manifest Abundance

Part III – The importance of maintaining Your Physical Well-Being

Part IV – Interconnection of Health, Weight, Mind, and LOA

Part V – How to Feel Your Way Rich

Readers are invited to develop and unleash their unlimited potential by using a variety of techniques including, Visualization, Meditation Techniques, Journaling, Gratitude, Self-hypnosis, Affirmations, Creating Vision Boards, and more. When the conditions in the head, heart, and body are in alignment, manifestation occurs immediately and using the techniques laid out in The Great Money Manifesting Manual is the best way to achieve that.

This book is for anyone who wishes to change their financial life for the better NOW.

Look for Katherine T. Hoppe ‘s  FREE Law of Attraction course on her website.  Links and more information can be found on the Author’s page. 

Jackie W-

Thanks to this manual, I am now financially free and have finally quit my full-time job as a receptionist and started a small business. My income continues to go up, and I have never been happier. This book explains the techniques that are missing from “The Secret.” I am consistently focusing on doing these practical exercises and keeping my attention on the result, and that is the real key to success. Thank you!